The Educational Years

The Beginning

I grew up in Loughton, in Essex. I went to a school near my neighbourhood. It was at school where I noticed I had a different way of thinking compared to the other children. My school life was difficult due to being bullied and my living with my struggles to read and write.

I was glad my school days were over and decided to go to college after my GCSEs. I studied advanced IT and this is where I found my passion for it. It was here that I was diagnosed with dyslexia. My understanding of computers made the subject very easy and I started to feel more comfortable in my own skills and knowledge.

The Adventurer Years

My Sailing Journey

At college I made some new friends who enjoyed water sports. They introduced me to the sport and I suddenly found a hobby I could enjoy.

I found that kayaking was my chance to be free and push myself. I had a fear of pushing myself to my limits so kayaking really helped me with this. The sport can be very challenging and risky which is why the skills involved are difficult to master. I had found a sport which I could enjoy for the rest of my life.

Then in 2005, I had a life changing car accident and could no longer kayak. I was devastated but I needed to look for another skill. Water sports had my heart so I set out to find another one that I could also be good at.

I found a new passion for Yacht sailing. I sail around the UK and the Mediterranean Sea all year round and in all weather conditions.

Matthew Southgate Sailing
Matthew Southgate corporate image

Starting My Own Business

Entrepreneur Journey

I have been working since I was 17. I have worked in various job roles from doing the paper round to working for Visa. Over the years, I have found new skills and developed them.

However, I have never enjoyed working for other people. The working hours and minimum wage was something I wanted to changed. I first realised that I could make more money was through working on Christmas day and Boxing day. The money I made in those two days paid for my two-week holiday in the summer.

I then decided to start my own IT business. This way I was able to control my working hours and also my pay and holiday time. As my business started to grow, I realised how important the skills I had learnt in the past were.

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